ICVL 2020


For 18 years we have been active with the CNIV & ICVL projects - e-Learning technologies in education and research, uniting the university environment, the pre-university environment and the IT companies in Romania, for a modern, quality, efficient and comparable education with international standards. It was not easy, but we have results, and a community that has followed us in all these years of LEARNING, testing, experimenting, successes or failures. A community of teachers, researchers, psychologists, pedagogues, pupils, students, IT specialists, who inspired us in our work, because this framework of the CNIV & ICVL projects was created for them, to LEARN together, and we LEARNED, so I lived many moments of happiness. And this attitude can guide you to HAPPINESS !, in life, in the profession, in thinking, etc. SUCCESS! Marin Vlada, CNIV 2020 Online, message on facebook