ICVL 2020

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Conferences 2020

CSEE 2020, The International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Education (CSEE 2020) will be held on June 10-12, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain - http://csee.net/

DSDE 2020, The 3rd International Conference on Data Storage and Data Engineering - http://dsde.org/

Pioneers of Romanian Informatics

ICVL 2020

2010 - Towards a Learning and Knowledge Society - 2030
ICVL 2020 - The 15th Interational Conference on Virtual Learning

OCTOBER 31, 2020 - Organizers: University of Bucharest, Location: "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava, ROMANIA - EUROPE

ICVL 2020 dedicated to Dr. Ștefan Odobleja, forerunner of Generalized Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence: Cybernetics was born in Romania
The CNIV 2020 will be held in conjunction with The 15th Interational Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL)

Tournament ICVL and CNIV

Tournament ICVL and CNIV - Future vs. Vision: 2018- 2022