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A New Way To Trade Moving Averages

A New Way To Trade Moving Averages - A Study in Python by Sofien Kaabar


Jobsora - the website for finding a good job in Romania - http://c3.cniv.ro/?q=2020/news/parteneriat-jobsora-%C8%99i-cniv-icvl-roi...

The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms

Learning and mastering a language or languages will always be of very great value. Language is a fundamental tool of all learning - its acquisition or the transmission of learning.
"Garbage in, garbage out" - These technologies are very welcome and are to be celebrated. But they cannot replace learning and hard work.

Premiere with AI applications

1. 1997 Year. Deep Blue SuperComputer (IBM) won its first game against world champion Garry Kasparov,
10 February 1996, and 11 May 1997 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Blue_(chess_computer)

2. 2020 Year. GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful new language generator, GPT-3 is a cutting edge language model that uses machine learning to produce human like text , 8 sep 2020- https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-a...

EU Cyber Center in Romania

European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Center - ECCC

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, announced that Bucharest will host the EU Cyber Center, the first European agency to be based in Romania.

"Exceptional success for Romania: after intense diplomatic efforts, including at a high level, Bucharest will host the EU Cyber Center - the first EU Agency in the territory of RO. Romania's expertise in IT has been recognized in the EU. Romania will contribute to the European Cyber Security ecosystem ", Bogdan Aurescu.


For 18 years we have been active with the CNIV & ICVL projects - e-Learning technologies in education and research, uniting the university environment, the pre-university environment and the IT companies in Romania, for a modern, quality, efficient and comparable education with international standards. It was not easy, but we have results, and a community that has followed us in all these years of LEARNING, testing, experimenting, successes or failures. A community of teachers, researchers, psychologists, pedagogues, pupils, students, IT specialists, who inspired us in our work, because this framework of the CNIV & ICVL projects was created for them, to LEARN together, and we LEARNED, so I lived many moments of happiness. And this attitude can guide you to HAPPINESS !, in life, in the profession, in thinking, etc. SUCCESS! Marin Vlada, CNIV 2020 Online, message on facebook

Noam Chomsky on the Future of Deep Learning

Noam Chomsky on the Future of Deep Learning - https://towardsdatascience.com/noam-chomsky-on-the-future-of-deep-learni...

Noam Chomsky is first and foremost a professor of linguistics (considered by many to be “the father of modern linguistics”) but he is probably better known outside of academic circles as an activist, philosopher and historian. He is the author of over 100 books and was voted the world’s leading public intellectual in a 2005 poll conducted by magazines Foreign Policy and Prospect.

ROINFO project - Conclusions

ROINFO project "Romanian Informatics",
CONCLUSIONS I - The phenomenon of Romanian informatics,
CONCLUSIONS II - Cybernetics was born in Romania (1938-1939) - http://c3.icvl.eu/2020/roinfo-conclusions

Dr. Ștefan Odobleja

Dr. Ștefan Odobleja in the journalism of the times - 2020 - http://c3.icvl.eu/2020/odobleja-2020

Introduction to Plotnine

Introduction to Plotnine as the Alternative of Data Visualization Package in Python - https://towardsdatascience.com/introduction-to-plotnine-as-the-alternati...