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Eratosthenes Experiment - 21.03.2018

"A community for Teachers by Teachers" - http://eratosthenes.ea.gr/

Following last March’s great success with more than 670 schools from around the world involved in the activity, we are happy to announce the Eratosthenes Experiment March 2018, which will take place on the 21st of March! Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this fascinating international event! Take part through your school by registering at the Eratosthenes Experiment website with your school’s longitude and latitude. Once you are registered, you will be put in touch with a school from the same longitude with you by the organizing team. Together with your partner school, you will record data, collaborate, calculate the circumference of the Earth and submit the data.

Web of Science: Indexed articles of ICVL 2017

Indexed articles for Proceedings of ICVL 2017 appeared.
Examples - http://apps.webofknowledge.com (http://apps.webofknowledge.com/Search.do?product=WOS&SID=F4iwpbhnUYpc1Pr...)

1. History of Informatics. From recursivity to the Turing universal machine and Horn clauses
By: Vlada, Marin; Adascalitei, Adrian
Edited by: Vlada, M; Albeanu, G; Adascalitei, A; et al.
Conference: 12th International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL-2017) Location: L Blaga Univ Sibiu, Sibiu, ROMANIA Date: OCT 28, 2017
Sponsor(s): Univ Bucharest; L Blaga lUniv Sibi, Fac Engn; Romanian Minist Res & Innovat; SIVECO SA Co
PROCEEDINGS OF THE 12TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIRTUAL LEARNING, ICVL 2017 Book Series: Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual learning Pages: 27-43 Published: 2017
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"ROMÂNIA 100 - TOGETHER" Project

ICVL and CNIV 2018 events dedicated to The Centenary of the Great Union from 1918 year: http://c3.icvl.eu/2018/ro-100

112 years since the birth of Grigore C. Moisil

Grigore C. Moisil (January 10, 1906 - May 21, 1973)

The father of Romanian Informatics and Computer Pioneer Award of Computer Society (IEEE - 1996) - http://c3.icvl.eu/2018/gr-c-moisil | http://www.agora.ro/

MIT - Online and blended learning

MIT - Online and blended learning. Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education - https://tsl.mit.edu

Tournament ICVL and CNIV

Tournament ICVL and CNIV - Future vs. Vision: 2018- 2022