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Indexed articles for Proceedings of ICVL 2017 appeared.
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1. History of Informatics. From recursivity to the Turing universal machine and Horn clauses
By: Vlada, Marin; Adascalitei, Adrian
Edited by: Vlada, M; Albeanu, G; Adascalitei, A; et al.
Conference: 12th International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL-2017) Location: L Blaga Univ Sibiu, Sibiu, ROMANIA Date: OCT 28, 2017
Sponsor(s): Univ Bucharest; L Blaga lUniv Sibi, Fac Engn; Romanian Minist Res & Innovat; SIVECO SA Co
PROCEEDINGS OF THE 12TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON VIRTUAL LEARNING, ICVL 2017 Book Series: Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual learning Pages: 27-43 Published: 2017
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112 years since the birth of Grigore C. Moisil

Grigore C. Moisil (January 10, 1906 - May 21, 1973)

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