ICVL 2017

13 October 2017

ICVL 2017:
"History of Informatics.From recursivity to the Turing universal machine and Horn clauses" by Marin Vlada, Adrian Adăscăliţei - http://www.c3.icvl.eu/files/2-Vlada-Adasc-ICVL2017.pdf
"Ştefan Odobleja: A Scientific Visionary, precursor of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence"by Marin Vlada, Adrian Adăscăliţei - http://www.c3.icvl.eu/files/3-Vlada-Adasc-ICVL2017.pdf
"An Overview on the Contributions of the Academician Octav Onicescu to the Informational Statistics and Further Developments" by Mihaela Oprea (PDF) - http://www.c3.icvl.eu/files/81-Oprea-Mihaela.pdf