ICVL 2017

Eratosthenes Experiment, 22 september 2017

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Dr. Angelos Lazoudis, ISE (Inspiring Science Education) Project, Greece, http://ise.ea.gr/
Following last March’s great success with more than 670 schools from around the world involved in the activity, we are happy to announce the Eratosthenes Experiment September 2017, which will take place on the 22nd of September, 2017! Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this fascinating international event! Take part through your school by registering at the website with your school’s longitude and latitude. Once you are registered, you will be put in touch with a school from the same longitude with you by the organizing team. Together with your partner school, you will record data, collaborate, calculate the circumference of the Earth and submit the data.

In order to stand a chance to win a scholarship to attend the 2018 European Science Education Academy (ESEA) Summer School in Greece, take a photo of your experiment and submit it until the 9th of October along with your data. More info at: http://eratosthenes.ea.gr/content/contest-september-2017

Stay tuned by joining the Eratosthenes Community, where you can also find lesson plans of the experiment (appear as resources) based on the Inquiry Based Model. There, you’ll find your country’s community (Network of related communities - on the right) and the lesson plans for primary school and high school in your languages! If you do not have access to computers or tablets your students’ knowledge on the subject will be assessed by the means of an online questionnaire which can be found here. The questionnai! re, available in many languages, should be answered before the lesson begins (pre-questionnaire) and after the lesson’s end (post questionnaire) so as to monitor the knowledge obtained by the students.

Please note that the Eratosthenes Experiment official website has been upgraded. From now on, you can create your account and make use of it in order to register your school, submit & store your experiment data to compare them with future data, and upload to the gallery of Eratosthenes website photos from the experiment taking part at your school (or another location). If you already have created an account in order to take part in last March’s Eratosthenes Experiment, all you have to do is to enter your account, update your profile if it’s needed (e.g. School name and coordinates if you are working in a new school this year, etc.) and don’t forget to check the Eratosthenes September 2017 participation box.

Join the Eratosthenes Experiment to get a glimpse of FUNdamental science!

Contact Persons:

Dr. Angelos Lazoudis, Tel: +30.210.8176795, Email: angelos[at]ea.gr

Giannis Alexopoulos, T: +30.210.8176790, E: galexopoulos[at]ea.gr

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