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"Learning is evolution of knowledge over time."
Roger E. Bohn
, 1994
"All what is correct thinking is either mathematics or feasible to be transposed in a mathematical model."
Grigore C. Moisil
(1906-1973)- Computer Pioneer Award of IEEE (1996)

Organizers: University of Bucharest-Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in cooperation with SIVECO company, Romania and Intel  Company

Location of Conference: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences,
Tel. No. 0040.031/425.34.46/45/52
Fax No. 0040.031/425.34.46/45/52

Home page: http://c3.icvl.eu

E-mail: vlada[at]fmi.unibuc.ro;galbeanu[at]gmail.com

Register the final papers at e-mail: vlada[at]fmi.unibuc.ro.

eContent Manager for the ICVL website: marinvlada[at]gmail.com


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The accommodation problems are solved by the participants; because of this the Organisation Commitee recomends that the participants (authors or persons without a paper) should plan their arrival in ROMANIA considering the ICVL program. | Venue and Travel - ROMANIA

Contact person

Univesitatea din Bucuresti

Conf. Dr. M. Vlada, University of Bucharest, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 4 - 12 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania.

About CNIV and ICVL: Strong scientific events create and promote values

CNIV and ICVL are scientific events promoting innovative technologies and methodologies in education, research and lifelong improvement, both in the pre-university and university milieu, and in the economic sector, too. Structured and organized by European principles and International standards, the two projects promote implementation of modern ideas in the initial education and continuous training, encourage and promote teamwork and collaborative activities, scientific methods and experiments, creative thinking and intuition, arguing, and proving.