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Research Areas:Computer Science; Education & Educational Research
Web of Science Categories: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Education & Educational Research
Language:English, ISSN: 1844-8933

The Organisation Committee will elaborate until the ICVL opening, the volume with the conference's papers (Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual Learning with ISSN, Bucharest University Press) and the CD (ISSN 1844 - 8933)

Full Paper (Guidelines for formatting your paper)

The papers will be published in Conference Proceedings as well as on a CD. Your paper should have a maximum length of 8 pages and be prepared according to the instructions provided. Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF file formats. All papers must be typed in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman and a 11-point font.

Paper writing must be done and sent until august 30; The .doc format will be recieved at the e-mail address: vlada[at]fmi.unibuc.ro.

Paper writing will be done only in .DOC format and must have exactly 2, 4, 6 or max. 8 pages (Guidelines for formatting your paper).

The papers coceived and written after the ICVL standards will be accepted and published in ICVL's Volume and on the CD only if they obey the criteria of an academic paper: research / study / analysis / software product witch will treat a subject that represents an original / comparative investigation or an implemetation of a technique / method to obtain results or conclusions.


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About CNIV and ICVL: Strong scientific events create and promote values

CNIV and ICVL are scientific events promoting innovative technologies and methodologies in education, research and lifelong improvement, both in the pre-university and university milieu, and in the economic sector, too. Structured and organized by European principles and International standards, the two projects promote implementation of modern ideas in the initial education and continuous training, encourage and promote teamwork and collaborative activities, scientific methods and experiments, creative thinking and intuition, arguing, and proving.