ICVL 2012

November 04, 2012

Selected papers for IJCSRA Special Issue(Volume 3 – Issue 1)
To Authors – Please submit the extended versions of your papers on or before 14th December 2012. Further details, including the paper format, are available at www.ijcsra.org . We also welcome other authors to submit substantially modified
versions of their papers to the journal, which will be considered as submissions for regular papers. LIST

Paper No* Paper Name and Authors

1 Medical Simulation and Training: “Haptic” Liver Felix G. Hamza-Lup,
Adrian Seitan, Dorin M. Popovici, Crenguta M. Bogdan

3 CHRYSAOR: an Agent-Based Intelligent Tutoring System in Virtual
Environment Frédéric Le Corre, Caroline Fauvel, Charlotte Hoareau,
Ronan Querrec and Cédric Buche

4 Methodology for 3D reconstruction of objects for teaching virtual
restoration - Silviu Butnariu, Florin Gîrbacia, Alex Orman

7 On the Use of Educational Ontologies as Support Tools for Didactical
Activities – Mihaela Oprea

8 Effective Training for Policy Based Management of 3D Multi User
Learning Environments -Indika Perera, Colin Allison, Alan Miller

9 Tabu Search in Genetic Algorithm for Protein Folding Simulations in
the 2D HP model - Alina-Gabriela Tunea

12 E-learning strategies for VET teachers based on active Cooperation
with labour market operators - Giovanni Fulantelli, Davide Taibi,
Valentina Dal Grande, Manuel Gentile, Mario Allegra

16 Using Serious Games in adult education Serious Business for Serious
People-the MetaVals game case study Maria Magdalena Popescu, Margarida
Romero, Mireia Usart

18 Ontological Framework in in Integrated SOI (Structure of
Intellect)-Touring Machine-Kant Knowledge System - Loyola y Blanco
José A.

20 An Inversion-based Genetic Algorithm for Grouping of students - M.
Mahdi Barati Jozan, Fattaneh Taghiyareh, Hesham Faili

22 Cloud Computing And High Education - Dineva S., Nedeva V.

24 Analyzing Factors That Made E-Learning Successful - Krastev Kr.,
Yorgova R., Dineva S.

26 An overview of open, free and affordable textbooks - Elena Railean

27 Methodology of Computer-Assisted Cooperative Learning Based on the
Materials of the Multicultural Collaborative Programme “STEP into the
Global Classroom” - Evgeniya Budenkova

31 Collaborative E-learning Methodologies: an Experience of Active
Knowledge in ICT Classrooms - Margarida M. Pinheiro, Dora Simões

41 Speech Recognition Neural Methods in E-learning Environments -
Daniela Şchiopu

43 Using virtual reality to teach history - Calin Neamtu, Radu Comes,
Razvan Mateescu, Rares Ghinea, Filip Daniel

54 Software for Plagiarism Detection in Computer Source Code - Daniela
Marinescu1, Alexandra Băicoianu, Sebastian Dimitriu

55 New Augmented Reality System Introduced in the Educational Context
- Simona Maria Banu

56 Algorithm for Dynamic Partitioning and Reallocation of Fragments in
a Distributed Database - Nicoleta Magdalena Ciobanu (Iacob)

57 Reasons for studying Haskell in University - Anca Vasilescu,
Florin-Robert Drobotă

60 Remote Access to an Advanced Telecommunications Platform for
Educational Purpose - F. Sandu, A.N. Balica, D.N. Robu, S.R. Svab

63 Model of Kazakhstan e-learning System - Gul K. Nurgalieva

64 School Projects and Virtual Labs Using Virtual Environments – Ways
of Enhancing the Students’ Creativity - Ioana Stoica

66 Enhancing English Language Writing and Speaking through Digital
Storytelling - Anisoara Pop

XX Special Issue Editor – Choice 1
XX Special Issue Editor – Choice 2

*Note – Paper numbers are according to the ICVL proceedings list

Proceedings of ICVL 2012, Bucharest University Press (ISSN 1844 - 8933) - (CD and On-Line) http://www.icvl.eu/ (.pdf), Proceedings of ICVL 2012 (On-Line):www.scribd.com