ICVL 2011

September 06, 2011

- Accepted Abstract List: http://c3.icvl.eu/2011/accepted-abstract-list
- Workshop at ICVL 2011: http://www.c3.icvl.eu/2011/haptics-work
- ICVL and IJCSRA: 2012 Vol.2 Issue 1 - http://www.ijcsra.org/current-issue
- ICVL and Thinking Cap® Create: media partners - http://www.thinkingcap.com/
  • September 04-15 - Manuscripts will be reviewed in accordance with the standard practice and criteria by Technical Programmed Committee. All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, significance, soundness and clarity. At least two referees will review each paper proposal submission under a double peer-review process.
  • Thinking Cap® Create - ICVL and Thinking Cap® Create: media partners - http://www.thinkingcap.com/ | Directory of eLearning Conferences: http://www.thinkingcap.com/
  • Classification - Classification of Romanian Universities: http://mvlada.blogspot.com

Shaping the vision of education

Palace of the Parliament,
Sept. 16th-17th 2011

eduVision 2020 is an international conference aimed to present the newest trends in education and eLearning, best practices on using IT&C in education and a vision for the future of education.

Ref.: http://www.eduvision.ro/, http://www.agora.ro/

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