ICVL 2011

Accepted Papers List for International Journal of Computer Science Research and Application

International Journal of Computer Science Research and Application – IJCSRA
ISSN 2012-9564 (Print) and ISSN 2012-9572 (Online) IJCSRA is an Open Access Journal (Creative Commons 3.0 CC-BY)

Volume 2 Issue-1 – Special Issue on Computer Science for Future Education
(Selected Papers from 6th ICVL 2011), Total number of accepted papers – 29
Special Issue Editor – Prof. Marin Vlada (PhD), Extended Paper Submission Deadline – 30.11.2011

Paper No Title and Author (s)

11 Case Study: Using Drupal platform for eContent Management
Marin Vlada, Adrian Adăscăliţei

15 Improving E-learning Assessment and Test Feedback through Bayesian Belief Networks
Horea A. Greblă, Rares F. Boian

16 Usage of Petri nets in designing and evaluating interactive animations
Martin Magdin, Milan Turčani

17 Learnability Testing: a Case Study
Vlad Mihaescu, Silviu Vert

20 Understanding (the use of) microblogging as a virtual environment for teaching and learning in academic courses
Gabriela Grosseck, Carmen Holotescu

22 Innovative Potential of Social Networks in Blended Learning
Margarita Pehlivanova, Snejana Dineva, Zlatoeli Ducheva

27 An Overview of the Most Important Aspects Related to Quality Assurance in Computer Supported Collaborative E-Learning
Iuliana Dobre

30 Positiveness of Web-based site for General and Inorganic Chemistry in Blended Learning
Snejana Dineva, Zlatoeli Ducheva

35 The interactive conceptual maps – a step towards performance
Liliana Violeta Constantin, Emil Stefan Barna

42 Context based Expert Finding in Online Communities
Ahmad Kardan, Amin Omidvar, Mojtaba Behzadi

51 Google Apps for Education – a powerful solution for global scientific classrooms
Elena Railean

56 Exploring Direct Communication and Manipulation on Interactive Surfaces to Foster Novelty in a Creative Learning Environment
Alejandro Catala, Fernando Garcia-Sanjuan, Jose Azorin,Javier Jaen, Jose A. Mocholi

57 3D interaction techniques in Virtual Reality Applications for Engineering Education
Cristian Dudulean, Ionel StareŃu

62 Enhanced Virtual E-Learning Environments Using Cloud Computing Architectures
Eugen Zaharescu , Georgeta-Atena Zaharescu
65 Student's attitudes towards learning in educational environment
Svetlana Čičević, Andreja Samčović, Marjana Čubranić-Dobrodolac

66 A Novel Architecture for Content Recommendation in E-learning Environments Based on K-Means Clustering & Association Rule Mining
Ahmad A. Kardan, Nahid Ghassabzadeh Saryazdi, Hamed Mirashk

67 Intutionistic Fuzzy-Based Method for Assessing the Learner’s Knowledge Level and Personalization of Learning Path
Roya Hosseini, Ahmad Kardan
70 Learner Behavior Analysis through Eye Tracking
Ismail El Haddioui & Mohamed Khaldi

71 The New Graphic Tools In The Easy-Learning Platform
Radu Rădescu, Valentin Pupezescu, Mihai Ureche

73 A software application for modeling the pipeline transportation process
Daniela Tudorica

74 Verification of the web applications using sink web pages
Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Catrinel Maria DănăuŃă

77 Refactoring Impact Formal Representation on the Internal Program Structure
Camelia ChisăliŃă-CreŃu

78 Learning Chemistry through Puzzle Based Game: Atoms to Molecule
Maya Agarwal, Shubhajit Saha

79 Remote experiments in Moisil e-lab
Mihaela Garabet, Cristina Miron, Ion Neacsu

81 Assuring the Motivational Climate in the Process of Learning Physics by Using Blogs
Maria Dinica, Luminita Dinescu, Cristina Miron

82 The Stimulation of Students’ Creativity by Using Multimedia Platforms
Maria Dinica, Luminita Dinescu, Cristina Miron

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SP3 Special Issue Editor Choice III

Total number of accepted papers – 29
Acceptance Rate - 20% [29/145]
Selection Process –
Two Tier Filtration [1st Tier: – Double blind review process of ICVL & 2nd Tier: – Editorial Board review of IJCSRA]

Publication Dates
Online issue – 30st December 2011
Printed copies shipment – 20th January 2012

Author procedure to follow
Extend your paper and format according to the journal requirements, available at, www.ijcsra.org and send the MS word document to editor@ijcsra.org or editor.ijcsra@gmail.com on or before the deadline. * Article processing for IJCSRA is free; however, authors must pay for their printed copy and shipping cost.

Inquiries – Please contact the journal editors at editor@ijcsra.org or editor.ijcsra@gmail.com or visit us at www.ijcsra.org

Authors of the other papers are invited to submit improved versions of their papers, which then will be routed through the Journal’s regular paper review process.

Call for papers
IJCSRA Volume 2 Issue 2 (by 31st January 2012)
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