ICVL 2010

ICVL Awards - 2009

According to the above ideas the ICVL Scientific Committee established the following awards:

1. Excellence Award "Intel® Education" - USD 1000,
Taibi Davide, Gentile Manuel, Fulantelli Giovanni, Allegra Mario (Italian National Research Council, Institute for Educational Technology, Palermo, Italy): E-portfolio and semantic web to support informal learning in social network environment (Section Intel® Education, pp. 357)

2. Special Award "Intel® Education" - USD 500,
Silvia Monica Feraru, Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu (Institute of Computer Science of the Romanian Academy, Iaşi Branch, Romania): SRoL - Web-based Resources and Tools used for e-Learning of Languages and Language Technology (Section Models & Methodologies, pp.119)